Organization Profile

The Conversion Center, Inc. was founded by Alex O. Dunlap in Havertown, Pennsylvania in 1952. for Rev. Dunlap’s Testimony. Dr. Gregory Adams , former monk and priest directed the work of The Conversion Center for approximately five years. For more information regarding Dr. Adams, Reverend Donald F. Maconaghie was “a dynamic and unique speaker with a style all his own that will ever be remembered by those who knew him, heard him and loved him.  He was a defender of the faith.”  He directed The Conversion Center internationally from 1981 until November 16, 2001 when he went to be with the “One he loved (Jesus Christ) and Whose Truth he sought to make known, not mindful of men’s approval or disapproval.”

Dr. Edwin G. Moore came to the helm of The Conversion Center, Inc. as Director in May 2004. As natives of America and born again believes, Dr. and Mrs. Moore returned a year ago from the Principality of Wales where they spread the glorious message of God’s redemptive Love.